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At Pharos we believe that every individual is unique with tremendous untapped potential and it is our mission to empower them to achieve this potential. Through our process of counselling, we make this a warm, empathetic and a comfortable journey for you. Our process is not about giving advice or preaching. It is about empowering the individual to cope with situations in their life. It is not about creating a dependency. It is about building thier self-esteem and thus improving their quality of life.

For individuals who seek guidance in child, adolescent, family, and inter-personal emotional issues – call us, reach out to us , speak to us . It will be our privilege to assist you in every way that we can.

We offer Counselling support to individuals to meet specific counselling needs including and not limited to:

We provide one-on-one as well as group sessions for students and adolescents to cope with their day-to-day life situations, which will help them to deal with life pressures such as peer, performance, family, social and exam stress and anxiety. We have core sessions where we guide and groom them for the college and university life. We provide assistance in dealing with their health / mind and body issues through our various counselling and guidance porgrammes such as:

♦  Child counselling and guidance

♦  Student counselling and guidance

♦  Teen counselling and guidance

♦  Academic counselling and guidance

♦  Career counselling and guidance

The modern workplace seems to demand more employee time than ever before. We hear of downsizing, flatter organisation as well as massive redundancy. While on one hand employees struggle to cope, on the other, employers as well as health experts are struggling to find new ways of managing workplace stress, behaviour and performance issues. We help employees manage their personal / marriage / family / career problems that can affect their work attitude and productivity.

♦ Team counselling and guidance

♦ Employee counselling and guidance

♦ Leadership counselling and guidance

♦ Career advancement counselling and guidance

♦ Performance counselling and guidance

♦ Success counselling and guidance

Watch this space for more updates and details on upcoming programs.